Spiritual Balance

The Art of Spiritual Balance Part 1 = What is Balance

When we talk about balance we often think of a see-saw or scale… This is looking from the perspective of duality, and good & bad, up and down. If we truly want to understand balance lets look at a Tree.

A tree has deep roots which offer the foundation and stability for the entire tree to grow. From the roots grows the trunk, upright and strong, then there are branches upon that, and leaves, and fruit. The image is that of upright stability, based upon balanced growth, and bearing fruit from a healthy life to share the sweet joys and create potential for more to grow!

We as human beings are like this tree. As a child we begin our lives like a seed of infinite potential. And throughout our childhood and years of adolescence, we develop the different parts of ourselves to grow like this tree.

However using this example of the tree, sometimes our lives do not provide the right circumstances for growth, not enough sun, not enough rain, the soil isn’t rich, maybe an animal has come and eaten us away before we could become a strong healthy tree.

This is the path of healing – the path of balance.

Balance is an art as well as science. To talk practically about balance lets use the perspective of the 7 Chakra System as a way of understanding.

Each Chakra corresponds to a different aspect of our life, and also a different period of development as children.

When we begin to develop in any area we may find that our lives seem to accelerate in one way and in other ways remain the same, and this may even cause difficulty. In reality it will eventually cause difficulty because we are growing in a lopsided way. We will topple over!

1st Chakra – Physical Body
2nd Chakra – Relationships
3rd Chakra – Business
4th Chakra – Emotions / Inner Freedom
5th Chakra – Creativity
6th Chakra – Focus & Will
7th Chakra – Divine Guidance

To truly achieve balance we must consider all areas, and unite them in a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Too much focus upon one area will create unbalance and result often in backsliding or the ricochet effect – like a rubber-band being stretched and then snapping back. This is because one part of us is moving forward and others are staying the same.

The secret to successful balanced development is actually expanding outwards in all directions at once! Instead of growing, we are expanding! In this way there is nothing that remains the same, there is always expansion and growth, and new better and brighter things!

How do we achieve this? By consciously incorporating activity for each of the different Chakra realms of experience into our lives.

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